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Remedy Assures Fans It’s Working Hard At Fixing Control

After player complaints surfacing about Control's almost game-breaking issues, Remedy has responded by confirming that fixes are in the works.

The Best-Selling Third-Party Console Games Over The Last 20 Years Have Been Revealed

GTA V tops the list, while Call of Duty titles fill it out.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Still A PlayStation Exclusive

A Facebook post by Xbox Germany led fans to believe Final Fantasy VII Remake will be coming to Xbox One, but it appears that it won't be.

Cuphead DLC Delayed To 2020, New Trailer Released

Cuphead's The Delicious Last Course has been delayed to 2020, but a new trailer for the game has been released.

Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update: Tall Tales

Sea of Thieves’ Tall Tales anniversary update adds some much wanted background to the game’s interesting lore.

Sony and Microsoft Are Teaming Up For Cloud Gaming and Streaming

Sony and Microsoft have announced that they will be partnering up for cloud gaming. What does this mean for the future of console gaming?

Make Crossplay, Not Console War

With Nintendo and Microsoft working together to share the online gaming space, why won’t Sony join in?


Why is Fortnite Popular?

At this present moment, it would be hard to argue against any statement suggesting that Fortnite is the most popular game available. The game has broken so many noteworthy records related to player count numbers, play time figures and streaming in the past few months that it is almost difficult to keep track of them ...

Two ‘Sea of Thieves’ Xbox One Bundles May Be On The Way

Oftentimes, when a new highly-anticipated exclusive title is released for a particular console, the hardware developer in question will create a new console bundle to promote the title. According to a recent retail listing, it seems that this will also be true for the upcoming Microsoft exclusive, Sea of Thieves (due to be released on ...

Microsoft EA/Valve Purchase Rumours: An End To The Xbox One Exclusive Crisis?

If Microsoft buys EA, Valve or PUBG Corp, will it put an end to the Xbox One exclusive crisis?