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The WHO Classifies Video Game Addiction as a Mental Health Condition

The World Health Organization has classified video game addiction as a disorder, but some industry folk do not agree with the classification.

Is Video Game Addiction Real?

Recently, a study was published in the US which suggested that young men are spending more hours playing video games than actually working. Now, this suggestion did get a lot of people speaking about the idea. As with every potentially controversial study ever published, there are people who agree with the inference and those who disagree with ...

Confessions of a Trophy/Achievement Hunter: Why We Like Imaginary Rewards

There is one thing (two, technically) in gaming that is able turn any gamer into an obsessive-compulsive wreck with an obstinate desire to complete stupid challenges for rewards that are not only non-existent, but also do not offer one an in-game benefit: trophies/achievements. Trophies/achievements first appeared with the release of the seventh generation of consoles ...