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Rocket League Is Removing Loot Boxes Later This Year

Psyonix says they will be removing loot boxes from Rocket League later this year.

All By Themselves: Does Sony Hate Cross-Platform Play?

If there is one thing that all #gamers can agree on, regardless of the platform, it is that they want #crossplatformplay to become an eventual reality. We all want to see a world in which #PC, #PlayStation, #Xbox and, at times, #Nintendo players are able to play games in a shared online universe together. The ...

Cross-Platform Play: Will it change the way we look at and buy consoles?

Since the rise in popularity and accessibility of online gaming and game modes, the multiplayer experience and the large absence of cross-platform play have become massive determining factors in the average gamer’s decision to invest in a particular platform or video game title. People will choose to buy a particular platform or game on a ...