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No Man’s Sky Beyond Getting PS4 Physical Release

A physical No Man's Sky release for PS4 featuring all previously released DLC will be available on 10 September.

Why No Man’s Sky Generates So Much Hype

Here is why No Man's Sky still generates so much hype despite the game's rocky launch.

Hello Games Interested In Producing A No Man’s Sky Switch Port

Sean Murray may be interested in making a Nintendo Switch port.

Is A Rushed Game Forever Bad?

Is a rushed game truly forever bad? Or, can it redeem itself in the eyes of the public?

Who Creates The Most Hype With Regards To New Games?

Whenever a new major video game is announced, there is always some degree of hype surrounding it as people like getting excited about new things. Most major releases follow a very similar pattern in this regard, which can basically be summed up as the following: A new game is announced and people get excited for ...