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EA Reveals Their E3 2019 Schedule and Lineup

EA has revealed the lineup for their upcoming EA Play livestream, and it includes news on Star Wars Jedi, Apex Legends and many more titles.

Should Playtime Determine How Much A Game Costs?

Over the years, gamers have become more conscious of the price of games. With many players looking at the time it takes to finish a game before the buying it, we look at the age old question of whether playtime should affect the price of a new title.

Mortal Kombat 11 Developer Suffers PTSD from Working on the Game

A developer who worked on Mortal Kombat 11 has claimed to suffer from PTSD after working on the game.

New Pokémon Cafe Opening in Japan

Video game-themed cafes are a pretty popular concept within Japan, with several renowned titles receiving cafe treatment over the past few years. It seems that fans of Pokemon will soon be able to visit some such cafe. According to their website, Japan’s latest Pokemon Cafe will open its doors on 14 March, with patrons being ...

Microsoft EA/Valve Purchase Rumours: An End To The Xbox One Exclusive Crisis?

If Microsoft buys EA, Valve or PUBG Corp, will it put an end to the Xbox One exclusive crisis?

‘Grand Theft Auto’ Reaches 90 Million Unit Sale Milestone

Grand Theft Auto V continues to destroy sales records, despite being a five-year-old game at this point. On Tuesday, the title’s publisher Take-Two Interactive announced that the game had sold over 90 million units – meaning that it is third highest-selling game of all-time. The publisher has previously attributed the strong sales figure to the ...

Who Creates The Most Hype With Regards To New Games?

Whenever a new major video game is announced, there is always some degree of hype surrounding it as people like getting excited about new things. Most major releases follow a very similar pattern in this regard, which can basically be summed up as the following: A new game is announced and people get excited for ...

Are Developers Making Video Games Too Easy?

The other day I was talking to one of my friends about recently released games, when the subject of video game difficulty was brought up. Basically, what brought about the conversation was the supposed high level of difficulty faced when playing when playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This conversation sort of had me thinking ...

Why Do Some Gamers Grow Bored Of Gaming?

It seems that whenever you find a social media group centered around #gaming, it’ll only take a few days before you run into one of those posts, where you have a person asking if others have lost their passion for gaming too or if you can become too old for the hobby. I’ve come across ...

Is It Really That Easy To Get THAT Ending In The Witcher 3?

When discussing #TheWitcher3 with a group of #gamers, it almost seems inevitable that at least one person will mention that he/she received the bad #ending. In such conversations, I’ve often heard it said that this individual had been enjoying the #game thinking that they had made all the right choices, but ultimately got the worst ...