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Final Fantasy 8 Remastered Release Date Revealed

Final Fantasy VII will be released on 3 September.

Square Enix E3 2019 Press Conference Round-Up

Here's everything important shown at Square Enix's E3 2019 press conference.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake May Release Sooner than Thought

A recent Square Enix conference call suggests that we may be seeing Final Fantasy VII sooner than previously thought.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets New Trailer After 4 Years

The Final Fantasy VII Remake debuted its first trailer in 4 years during PlayStation’s State of Play conference last night.

Final Fantasy 15 Hit Me Straight in the Feels

Final Fantasy 15 just hit me in the feels unexpectedly. (And no, it's not because of the ending.)

4 Games That Need HD Remakes

Two weeks ago, Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy was released on PlayStation 4 to the great excitement of many long-time fans of the series. Gamers were so excited to delve back into the famed 1990s platformer that it even bested Horizon Zero Dawn’s first week sales in some countries (which is quite some feat when looking ...