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New BioShock Game to be Released in 2019?

A recent Take-Two Interactive earnings call suggests that there may be a chance that a new Bioshock game may be coming out in the next year.

5 Video Game Bosses That Made My Life Hell

5 Video Game Bosses That Made My Life Hell

So, last week I was playing a lot of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and I got stuck on a boss level. It literally took me almost the entire week to beat one of the bosses in Chapter 9. My insane frustration with the game actually got me thinking about some of the boss fights that I ...

Remasters Vs Backwards Compatibility: Why Not Both?

  A few days ago, I was browsing the PlayStation Store looking for a good special, when I came across Bioshock: The Collection. It didn’t really mean much to me then, but later after a conversation with a group of friends where the creation of remasters was rebuked, I began to think about the role ...