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Star Wars Battlefront 2: The Age of Rebellion Update

A quick look at Star Wars Battlefront 2's newest update!

A New Hope: Did The Gaming Community Just Beat EA?

Over the last week, the launch of the highly-anticipated Star Wars Battlefront 2 has largely been shrouded by a great deal of controversy. EA’s recent decision to temporarily remove the loot box system from Battlefront 2 has had many contemplating the question of whether or not consumer outcry against microtransaction systems has finally resulted in ...

Microtransactions Vs. Season Passes: A Star Wars Battlefront Story

Earlier this year, it was suggested that #StarWarsBattlefront2 would have no season pass and that, in turn, all #DLC for the game would be free. Despite the ambiguity surrounding this suggestion for some time, #EA confirmed this fact at #E3 last month saying that DLC will be free to all players. However, in order to recoup the losses faced from ditching the season pass scheme, ...