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Gotham Knights Reveal Impressions

A look at the newly revealed Batman game (without Batman).

Marvel’s Avengers Open Beta Impressions

So, I played The Avengers Beta this week and here are my thoughts...

Toy Fair 2020 McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Reveals

A look at the new reveals in McFarlane's DC Multiverse line.

McFarlane Toys: DC Multiverse Line Revealed

A look at McFarlane Toy's new DC Multiverse line!

LCG Entertainment Purchase Rights To Some Remaining Telltale Games Franchises

LCG Entertainment is planning on reviving Telltale Games after purchasing many of the studio's remaining available properties.

Rocksteady and Mark Hamill Share Messages for Batman: Arkham Asylum 10th Anniversary

Rocksteady Studios took to Twitter to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Batman Arkham Asylum.

Concept Art of Cancelled Batman Game Leaks

Concept art of a cancelled Batman game featuring Damian Wayne has been leaked.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Is The Best Selling Superhero Game According To NPD

Spider-Man PS4 beats out Batman Arkham City as best-selling superhero game in the United States.

Batman Arkham Collection Revealed Includes Arkham Knight But Not Origins

Rocksteady has confirmed that the Batman Arkham Collection will be coming in September.

Why Robert Pattinson Could Be A Good Batman

Everyone's been complaining about Robert Pattinson being cast as Batman, but here's why he could actually be a good fit for the role.