Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming March 2020

The Final Fantasy VII Remake will be launching on 3 March 2020 for PS4.

Dying Light 2 To Be Released in 2020

Whether its scavenging items from humans during the day or fighting off zombies at night, survival is key in Dying Light 2.

THQ Nordic Announces Destroy All Humans! Remake Coming 2020

The cult classic Destroy All Humans! is getting a remake with a planned 2020 release.

Google Stadia Will Officially Launch In November

Google Stadia will be launching in November this year in 14 different territories.

Uncharted Movie Coming in 2020

The Uncharted movie will release on 18 December 2020. Tom Holland will be playing a young Nathan Drake.

What I Hope To See In Fable IV

With Microsoft's E3 conference just hours away, I have a look at what I would like to see in a new Fable game.

New Jumanji Co-Op Game Announced

In another effort to revive 90s nostalgia, the sequel to the Jumanji reboot will be getting a video game tie-in.

Rocksteady’s New Game Won’t Be At E3

Rocksteady, the famed developers of the Batman Arkham games, has confirmed that it won't be attending E3 this year.

The Surge 2 Release Date Announced

Deck 13 Interactive has announced that The Surge 2 will be available for purchase on 24 September.

Opinion: Why Fable 2 Was The Best Fable

With Fable 4 rumoured to be in development, here is why I think Fable 2 is the best entry in the much-loved series.