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A Quick Look At Ahsoka’s First Half

You should be watching this if you like Star Wars

A Chat with Chat GPT about AI Part II

Here is the second half of my interview with the bot!

A Chat with GPT about AI Part I

What does the bot think about the controversy around it's existence?

Will we ever stop playing Skyrim?

Probably not, no.

Card Game Thursdays: Why I enjoy Collectable Card Games

So why do I like card games, you ask? Here's why!

A look at Marvel Contest Champions

I really tried to like this game, but I couldn't.

Card Game Thursdays: Taking a look at Marvel Snap!

Snap is the name of the game here!

Taking a look at Bloody Bastards, a gory Mobile Game

Hold onto your limbs, this game is bloody!

Taking a swing at Shadow Fight 4: Arena

A look at another Shadow Fight game

My thoughts on Battlepasses

How do you feel about Battlepasses?