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Uncharted Movie Coming in 2020

The Uncharted movie will release on 18 December 2020. Tom Holland will be playing a young Nathan Drake.

New Jumanji Co-Op Game Announced

In another effort to revive 90s nostalgia, the sequel to the Jumanji reboot will be getting a video game tie-in.

A Just Cause Movie is in the Works

A recent report has revealed that a Just Cause movie is in the works. The film is set to be adapted by writer of the John Wick films.

Unpopular Opinion: I Like The New Hellboy

While it may be an unpopular opinion, I think the new Hellboy is cool.

Netflix Witcher Series Release Date May Have Been Leaked

Netflix’s Witcher TV series release date may just have been leaked.

When Hype Makes You Label Things Overrated…

Nowadays, it seems like you can’t read an article concerned with some sort of  popular media (film, music, video game, tech, etc.) without coming across the words “hype” or “overrated.” Click on any piece or witty meme discussing a new movie, television series or some other popular product and you’re bound to find statements along ...

Binge Watching And Playing: The Best Way To Consume TV And Video Games? Or Worst Way?

So recently, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the action of binging on media (for example, a television, film or gaming series) and the effect that may have on your overall enjoyment or appreciation of the content you’re consuming. Binging, with regards to media, has become a very popular manner in which to consume ...

Suicide Squad: Not the Film that We Wanted Right Now

So Suicide Squad has just hit theatres and the reviews are divided, with some saying that the film is completely terrible and others saying that the film is exactly what Warner Bros. needed to boot up the DC Cinematic Universe (DCCU) after the disaster that was Batman v Superman. Should we really be surprised? There ...