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A look at the new Fortnite Season

Hands down, best season yet!

Running Around in Generation Zero

A quick look at Generation Zero

Taking a look at the Wrothgar DLC for ESO

More ESO content, yay!

So I Watched Shadow & Bone

This is one of my most anticipated games of the year and here's why!

Trying to Survive the Horde in Zombie Army 4

Fighting off Zombies is even cooler when they were vile before death!

Knocking some skulls and bumping heads in Chivalry 2’s Brawl Mode

Let's drink some ale and knock some skulls eh? Throw on some metal and make a mosh pit

Taking a look at New World

Why did you have to break my heart like that, New World?

Watching Vikings Valhalla Season 2

Is the new season any good?

So I Watched The Harder They Fall

Looking for a good western? Watch this!

Rant: Sims 4 DLC Set up Sucks

You ever feel like game companies treat you like a piggy bank? Well, Sims players do.