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Card Game Thursdays: Taking a look at Marvel Snap!

Snap is the name of the game here!

Taking a look at Bloody Bastards, a gory Mobile Game

Hold onto your limbs, this game is bloody!

Starfield seems to be Bethesda’s A Game

Starfield is the most hyped game of this year!

Taking a swing at Shadow Fight 4: Arena

A look at another Shadow Fight game

My thoughts on Battlepasses

How do you feel about Battlepasses?

A quick look at Shadow Fight 3

Here is a look at my favourite fighting game on mobile!

Opinion: Cinematic Trailers are becoming Irksome

This is really getting annoying these days

A look back at Shadow Fight 2

A quick look back at this classic fighting game!

Taking a look at Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew

It's a cursed pirate's life for me!

Taking a look at En Garde!

A quick look at a charming little sword fighting game during Steam's Next Fest