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The Best Time of The Gaming Year

The end of the year approaches! Weill you spend it in your most loved games?

Opinion: The Sims 4 Needs more Supernatural Content

Sims 4 isn't in the best of states right now. But here is something I hope the game adds in the future.

My Thoughts on Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

A quick look at Netflix's latest horror offering

Why you should listen to Vanquisher

A power metal band who made an album inspired by Conan the Barbarian? Yes! Cound me in!

So I Watched The Midnight Club

It's all ghost stories and mystery in The Midnight Club and I love it!

So I watched The Sandman

Here are my thoughts on The Sandman

Running around in ESO’s Witches’ Festival

You get a plunder skull! You get a plunder skull! Everyone gets a plunder skull!

Fortnitemares Returns!

But is it as good as previous years?

So I Watched Child’s Play 2019

A quick look at the 2019 Child's Play Reboot.

Watching Ophelia (2018)

A new take on a timeless classic!