A look at Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem

A quick look at a hero battler that I am fond of

Hero Battlers (or Hero Collectors) are niche games. You have to have the patience to grind resources to level up the characters you collect. Even collecting characters can be a grind. The fighting is turn based so you need to know how your characters work and when building a team, you need to know which synergies work well.

One such game is Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem.

This mobile game follows the hero battler gameplay just like all the others I have played. You won’t find much variation in these games’ core gameplay as they follow a set formula. But the way they do some things may vary. In Looney Tunes, you collect the classic characters and different versions of them as well. The roles of Tank, Healer, Assassin all have their place in your team but what this game also does is layout a synergy system. For example, Cop characters work better with fellow cops. Forest characters may work better together while City or Farm characters have their own connection. If one of your characters has a rival on the enemy’s team (a character they disliked in the cartoons) then that counts as a synergy as well for more damage.

The PVP is a little weird. You earn chests that take time to open in your bank and have to attach a team to defend it from other players. The player pool is based off your trophy level but I have seen guys with some insane teams at my ranking.

Look, I’m not playing this to climb the leaderboards or anything as this is a mobile game the high ranks are mostly paid players. This a fun quick casual hero collector to waste time while travelling or when the power is out. It has good visuals and cool looking characters and it hits that nostalgia bug quite well.

It is available for mobile.