Card Game Thursdays: A look at Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Here’s a look at a unique card game attached to a very popular IP

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is not your usual card game. The mobile game has a character, a Hogwarts hub and a dungeon in the form of the Forgotten Forest. All layered with a Tim Burton-like crossed with Anime art style. The card game aspect comes in the form of your spells. When you enter combat your spell book is considered your deck and your spells your cards. There’s a ton of variety on different builds but I have only dabbled in a summon build which I quite enjoy. The biggest draw of the game to me is the voiced storyline with dialogue options. I have never seen this in a card game before and running round doing quests and messing around with the characters has been fun. The story takes place ten years after the events of the books/movies so this is a clean slate for players to immerse themselves in the wizarding world. The game does a lot of things other than the card game aspect. You can dance with the characters (weird but it is a little mini-game)

You can invite friends to your dorm if you are in the same house and same gender. You can do some PVE content in the Forgotten forest or go PVP and duel other players in the duelling club.

The latest update has brought the fan favourite sport,  Qudditch to the game which I haven’t even looked at yet. The game does feel a bit overwhelming at first with all of this content nad things to do, one doesn’t really know where to begin but Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is impressive. The game looks good and has interesting mechanics and it really shows how far modern phones can be pushed on a performance standpoint. Flying around Hogwarts on my broom is cute and fun and seeing other players run around in the Hub is pretty cool too.

If you like card games and want to try something completely out of the ordinary in the genre, give this game a gander.