What are Hero Battler Games?

Taking a look at a different kind of game here.

So there is a genre of game that I quite like, though I take in small quantities by only playing four of them in rotation. These types of games are labelled as Tactical RPGS but that irks me because a roleplaying game is more than just levelling up, it is about living in the role of your character and the one thing that is missing of these games is an immersive world that sucks you in. Instead, I like to call these games Hero Battlers or Hero Collectors.

The point of these games is to collect characters and then battle other people’s characters and win cool loot that makes your characters stronger. I like the strategy behind it. Knowing which characters to spend your resources on, finding synergies between character archetypes. Knowing when to use certain abilities like taunt or buffs etc. The combat is turn based so each player has a turn to tell their characters what to do. These games are quick fun but aren’t entirely mindless as you need to think when building your teams and finding those sweet spots because you can bet your ass, another player who has been playing since day one will have a stronger team in your league level. So grinding those resources to level up and buff your characters to make good teams is the core loop of the game.

Earning new characters is based on a ‘gacha mechanic’. Which is basically you unlock packs and within those packs are shards that you collect to earn a character. You don’t know what you’ll be getting but that forces you to adapt your teams and shift focus to a new character that might fit your original team better than the one of your other characters.

I admit, these kinds of games aren’t for everyone but I’ve been enjoying them on the side.

The reason for this article is because I want to write about some of the games I have been playing in this genre so this was more of an intro into what this genre actually is.