Card Game Thursdays: Marvel Snap’s Official PC Launch

Here is a Snappy overview of the Steam release for Marvel Snap!

Marvel Snap has been my latest obsession lately due to how much fun it is and how quick the games go. Though I tend to sink hours into this game at a time. The artwork is amazing, the characters are familiar to me and the strategy behind it all is addicting. Outplaying someone makes me chuckle and being outplayed is an opportunity to learn. I also enjoy the theory crafting that goes behind deck building and how getting a new card makes you re-think your entire deck.

The game is a good CCG.

And now it is on Steam!

The PC launch is being celebrated on Twitch where players can earn special cosmetics for cards and other goodies by watching streamers play. There are some daily login rewards for players and everyone is excited about this next step in the game’s life span. The game looks amazing on a wide screen. I mean, look at the screen-shot I took of the main menu for this article’s cover photo.

The game is responsive and the cards obviously look bigger. While I won’t abandon it on mobile, I do quite like the larger screen on PC. Luckily, the game is connected to your Google or Apple accounts so players’ progress is carried over. The gae also got a cool animated trailer and I’m excited to see where it goes next. I’m itching to see what next’s month’s season’s theme is. Marvel Snap isn’t only a fun game to play but it is a fun game to watch. So I’ve been enjoying watching Twitch streamers play it and learn from them. Earning drops is an added bonus.

But with all this said and done, I have to wonder… is an Epic Store release be next? What about coming to Console?

Marvel snap has hit a milestone and I’m all for it!