Card Game Thursdays: Why I enjoy Collectable Card Games

So why do I like card games, you ask? Here’s why!

I’m really loving Collectable Card games on my phone lately. So-much-so that every Thursday I have been talking about a Card game in an article. But this week I decided to do something different. Instead of talking about a Card game, I will talk about why I enjoy these games. This is mostly on the account of me getting sucked into Marvel Snap and not moving on from it. Whoops, my bad!


So why do I enjoy them? Well, I like collecting things. From action figures to books and cards (digital or other wise). This is why hero battler games like Looney Toons: World of Mayhem appeal to me. Collecting things is embedded into my lifestyle from when I was a young child. Even other people in my family enjoy collecting things.

So collecting cards in a game is strike one on why I enjoy these games.

Strike two would be the strategy behind duels. You need to know your cards strengths and weaknesses. You need to know when to hold em, know when to fold em and— wait, not now Kenny Rogers!

But it is as true for Poker as it is for every other card game. You need to know when to play and when to run (which is also why I am so addicted to Marvel Snap lately). There is a novelty in anticipating someone else’s play. Trying to figure out their next move and outplay them while they try outplay you. There are a lot of ‘Ahah!” moments in card games when you have successfully outplayed your opponent.

This is the core of the gameplay.


Third is artwork for me. This could actually be part of strike one but I made it strike three because I am a visual creature. I like nice art. A card game is all about how it looks at first glance. That is how it lures people in. The cards need to look stunning, like the cards in Kards The WWII Card Game. Those cards look amazing.

I enjoy checking the daily in-game shop in Marvel Snap to see which variants are in rotation. It adds to the collection dynamic. But it isn’t just the artwork. The game needs to be pretty too. The boards need to be slick and the aesthetic of the game needs to be on point. Not too busy but not too bland, either.


So yeah, I’ve just been playing these games while there are other Card Games on my list to play and write about, I’ve just been enjoying the ones I have already picked up.

I have also discovered a new genre of card games called Rogue-lite deck builders —Oh… oh no… rogue lites are one of my favourite genres and you already know I love card games… send help! Send help before I vanish into a new rabbit hole….