Taking a look back at what was Marvel Heroes Omega

A quick look at a dead Marvel game that was a lot of fun

Although my time with Marvel Heroes Omega was short, I loved very second of it. This was an ARPG with a touch of an MMO brainstormed by none other than David Brevik, one of the original key developers of Diablo and Diablo II


While this was pretty much an outright Diablo Clone with a Marvel skin which many disliked, I fell in love with this game when it launched on Xbox back in 2017. While it was free to play, you could level all characters to about midway before buying them with coins that you could earn (but was a grind) or outright buy.

Though I’ll admit, I got Daredevil for free as part as an Xbox dlc thing and I grinded hard to unlock Blade, I just loved running around the Stark Tower, hearing the banter between characters and running out with my friends to follow the story missions, do dungeons (in the form of the Daily Bugle being attacked. That was a fun one) and running around in the New York city zone for a patrol. I also just remembered playing as She Hulk quite a bit at one point. There were so many characters to level and figure out. Sadly, due to issues behind the scenes with the developer, Gazillion Entertainment and their new CEO having a shady past as well as the devs favouring the console port over the PC version of the game, the game died off and was shut down with Disney pulled the Marvel license from the devs. This shut down the company as well.

The more I play ARPGs the more I miss this game as none have scratched that itch in terms of aesthetic. The comic-book super hero vibe really caught my attention. It’s a shame that it died the way it did as no other game has come close to capturing the feeling this game gave me.


And after all these years, Disney hasn’t thought of letting someone else re-create it. That’s a damn shame.