A look at Marvel Contest Champions

I really tried to like this game, but I couldn’t.


I’ve been enjoying fighting games on my phone lately. With the likes of Shadow Fight and Bloody Bastards, I’ve been punching and kicking and stabbing my way through enemies. So while looking for the Marvel Snap card game, I stumbled across a Marvel themed Fighting game called Contest of Champions and… it is disappointing.

I really tried to like this game due to the characters that you get to unlock and use, but after a few matches I just couldn’t anymore. While the graphics are good, the fighting it so bare bones. Unlike Shadow Fight where players have to consider the range of their weapons, movement and chase gear, or Bloody Bastards where you can position your weapon in such a way you shank your enemy in the armpit and chop off their arm, Marvel Contest of Champions just has you tapping the screen, holding and swiping.

This is how a match goes: Tap, tap tap, block block, tap tap, hold, swipe, tap, swipe.

The animations are outright lazy. The combat is lazy. The only cool things about the game are the graphics and environments and the characters. Though there doesn’t seem to be skins in the game either so what’s the point of this game even? You can level characters up but that just lets you tank more damage and makes your taps deal more damage. There is a rock, paper, scissors system where one type of character does more damage to another type of character but other than that, it just feels so mindless to me. Maybe games like Shadow Fight have ruined me. Maybe Contest of Champions is a cool game for those who want something easy to understand and catered to fast, simple fights. But for me, the game is too simple and that means it is too bland in my opinion.