Taking a look at Bloody Bastards, a gory Mobile Game

Hold onto your limbs, this game is bloody!

I’ve been playing a lot of mobile games lately since I got a new phone. I’m quite impressed of how powerful these little devices are. My current phone, the Samsung S23 has 8 gigs RAM. That’s half my laptop!

So, I have explored mobile games and while about 95% of them are lousy excuses for a game but prime examples of what a cash grab is, there are some gems here.


Bloody Bastards is such a gem. This is a 2D fighting game where players have to tap to make their character move and move each hand around with each of their thumbs. So if you want to bring your sword down on your foe’s head, you lift your right thumb then drag it down onto the guy’s head. Same with the left thumb. Holding a two-handed weapon is tricky because now you need to move both thumbs in unison in order to use the weapon effectively. It sounds simple, right? You’d think so. But this game has some more depth to it. While you could just attack your enemy like a feral madman, your character will get tired and fall over. Instead, I have found being tactical is the better option. By lifting my left arm and blocking their one weapon from gouging my eyes out, I then shank the guy in his gut with my right hand, dragging my thumb up into a stabbing motion. Or I can aim for his arm because if I sever it, it falls off and he can bleed to death. Did I mention the game is ridiculously gory?


You get coins for winning which you can use to buy equipment. There are four campaigns each with their own themes. The British Isles, Holy Roman Empire (Italy), Russia and newly added Japan.


The game has single-player and online PVP modes. I quite enjoy smacking my one friend silly in this little game.


The game was free from the Google Play store but it featured ads. To remvoe the ads, you purchase the game and then that’s that. No more micro-transactions, no more ads. Though you are required to be online when playing the game.


If you want to check it out, I can highly recommend it!