My thoughts on Battlepasses

How do you feel about Battlepasses?

Whether we like them or not, the Battlepass system is cemented into gaming these days. A Battlepass is a progressive based reward system where players rank up a list of tiers by completing weekly, daily or seasonal challenges, or just by general play. Players can also buy levels (though I think this defeats the point of the pass, I’ll explain later). These passes typically have a limited duration, so there is an element of FOMO when it comes to grinding out levels. Personally, I like the idea of a Battlepass. It gives me something to grind during a new season and I like the sense of progression as I go up levels and earn cool rewards. It does get quite grindy though, and it irks me how some games handle their pass. Some do it well while others do it badly.

An example of doing it well can be found in the game that pioneered the system, that being Fortnite. What you get far outweighs what you put in. Not only do you earn back the currency you threw into the Battlepass, but you get a little extra as well. All of the items in the pass are cosmetic and I think Fortnite has the best and most user friendly Level up system. If you haven’t been on for a spell, you are supercharged which helps you catch up a bit. This is value for money in my opinion and it irks me when games do not give back the currency used to buy into the pass.

There is the option of buying levels but I never do this. I feel like it defeats the purpose of a Battlepass. You get it to grind and go through the level up process. To buy levels just sounds boring but at least the option is there to help those who may not have the time to invest so many hours into it.


Either way, Battlepasses are here to stay and I am in the crowd that actually enjoys them when they are done right. It is essentially a soft subscription service that is optional.