A quick look at Shadow Fight 3

Here is a look at my favourite fighting game on mobile!

Shadow Fight 3 is the follow up to the hit fighting game, Shadow Fight 2. I’ll be honest, this is my favourite Shadow Fight game in the series. Though it is very different from the previous entry. The first thing that you will notice is the fact that the stylish vector art-style from the previous game has been replaced with full colour characters and environments. I’d admit, the game did lose a bit of its charm because of this but the slick animations are still there and even better and smoother than the previous game. I enjoy this one the most because you can create your own character and customise their fight style with the gear that you grind for. There are different factions in the game. The Brawler type Legion and their Holy Knights which has a very European aesthetic.The Dynasty which is very agile and Chinese inspired. The Heralds which are clearly Japanese inspired with their quick katana weapons and deadly precision. All the gear from these factions change your style and yes, you can mix and match though your main goal should be to collect full sets, that way you can make use of powerful perks.


There is so much content in this game. The main story, duels (where you battle against other players’ characters, sadly no PVP but you are playing against how someone else built their character). You can join other players in a raid where you take turns fighting a powerful boss and chip away at his health and you can do character stories as well where you assume control of a supporting character from the story.

The name of the game is hunting loot which comes in the form of cards. The more cards of an item you get, the stronger that item becomes. While you can buy card packs with premium currency though you earn these cards so quickly I think the only people who spend a ton of money on the game are those competing for top spot on the leaderboards.

I haven’t bought anything and my character is quite strong, though I am subscribed to Amazon Prime which means I was able to claim a gear set as a perk. This set was relevant for a weekend before I earned better equipment. One thing I dislike about the game is how adamant it is about trying to sell me stuff at every opportunity. Luckily there are no third party ads every few seconds.


If you want a good fighting game that you can play casually for some fun then give Shadow Fight 3 a go!