So about that Ubisoft Star Wars Game…

This game looks awesome!

I have been going on for ages that we need an open world Star Wars game. Even if just a few planets, I have always wanted to have a large Star Wars themed playground to explore. It has been a while since we have heard that Ubisoft was working on an open world Star Wars game. But at their showcase wee got a glimpse of what it is. Star Wars Outlaws took me by surprise. It is more of a space cowboy kind of Star Wars game and while many were hoping for a grand open world Jedi themed game, I am happy that this isn’t that.

I’ll be honest, Jedi have been done to death. We have Fallen Order for that so it makes sense that this isn’t another Jedi game. With the popularity of The Mandalorian, we were shown that there are good stories in the galaxy far, far away that focus on other characters (though I really enjoyed Solo despite everyone else hating it). I got huge Solo vibes from this game. In this game you will play as Kay Vess, a scoundrel type character who is quick with a blaster and with her reflexes. She will explore the underworld of the galaxy which is such an intriguing concept for me and a part of Star Wars that needs more love. The gameplay that was shown was action packed. The shooting looks good and using your pet and companion, Nix, to distract bad guys, grab weapons for you and be extra cute while doing all these things is a nice touch. I can’t help but ask if there will be customisation. Can we edit Kay’s outfits? I love roleplaying in games so if I visit a snow planet I want to dress for the weather.


Will we be able to upgrade her skills and can we edit our ship? Can we walk around in our ship? So many questions! I need more gameplay of this game but from what I have seen, this is a day one buy. I don’t mind if it is a ways out, I’d rather Ubisoft take their time with the game and get it polished. As an Assassin’s Creed fanboy, I am so excited about this game, even though it is being made by Massive Entertainment, a group under Ubisoft.They have been making open world games for a while now. I’m just excited. I want to see more and hear more about this game while it inches closer to release!