A look at Fortnite’s Star Wars Event

The Force is strong with this event!

The Star Wars event in Fortnite has been a fun romp with lightsabers and Force powers. Players have been slicing each other, throwing rocks at each other, Force Pulling and then slicing each other or Force Pushing and then blasting each other with the Clone Standard issue rifle, the DC-15A blaster rifle. There has also been a mini-pass which consisted of a free and paid tab. The paid section cost 1000 V-Bucks and it netted players with variants of Clone Troopers as well as Darth Maul while the free tab scored some emotes and emojis as well as a Default Episode III Clone Trooper.

Levelling these tracks was done by earning points acquired by completing quests in the “Feel the Force” quest line.

It has been fun running around with Force powers and lightsabers (that players find at rifts) and using the blaster acquired at Clone checkpoints. It was a nice little event and it seems that it will be followed by a new Spider-Man event if leaks are anything to go by (which they usually are).

Though I must admit, season fatigue has set in. This always happens near the end of a season where things aren’t new any more and the new biome has been fully explored, the players have become accustomed to the loot pool and new weapons and players have just gotten used to everything. But this always happens at the end of a season. Luckily a new season drops next month which is good, but these little events that add mini-passes are a good way to get players engaged during the twilight weeks of a season and I like the idea of it. I’m looking forward to see what next season is all about and what the special crossover character will be and if they will have another mini-pass as well.