A look at Tribes of Midgard’s Survival Mode

A look at the survival mode in Tribes of Midgard

At it’s core, Tribes of Midgard is a survival game. While players don’t have to worry about eating and drinking, they do have to keep their eye on their temperature as they traverse a procedurally generated map, fighting giants and monsters alike to earn those golden horns which can be used to purchase gameplay altering Runes as well as cosmetics or recipes. The game is a simplified version of the survival mechanics so the focus here is getting gear, Runes, and slaying the giants who are stationed around the map. Each killed gaint levels up when respawned which makes it an even bigger battle and I found it is during these stages that the elemental weapons mechanic come into play. Fighting an Ice Giant? Use fire based weapons and arrows. Fighting a Thunder Giant? Swap to Dark based. Players can do the regular Saga missions from the Saga mode at their own pace in Survival Mode. The skills are also more free-form, instead of classes, players can pick their perks from multiple class types to create the ultimate warrior. Being me, I went full archer build which was a ton of fun to play. Players can hold up to five Runes (six if you level a certain skill tree). I was rocking a Rune that said I do 20% more damage and so does everything around me (including enemies). As an archer laying back and dealing high DPS this was great, for my front-liner friends however… at least I shot healing arrows at them regularly. While the Survival mode is slower paced compared to Saga mode, the combat and running around is still super fast paced. This game is just plain, good fun whether in Saga or Survival. The combat is quick and snappy, the art style is easy on the eyes and the Runes that change your style adds to the whole dynamic. I’m so keen to see what is next for this game and what other Mythologies they can use for content!