A look at Tribes of Midgard’s Saga Mode

Why is the water shaking? No, it’s not a dinosaur!

Tribes of Midgard is a cool little game with big heart. It does something that I wish other survival games did and that is provide an alternative game mode that is quicker and more accommodating for a night session opposed to the long haul. Tribes achieves this with its Saga Mode, where players up to ten spawn in with an already built village which is built around their home tree, they have to build up defences, rebuild resource generators and complete the saga that they have chosen all while fending off nightly attacks from monsters and Jötunn (giants) who periodically approach the village while forever winter itches ever closer which will wipe you out. It’s a mix of Don’t Starve, Attack on Titan and themed to Norse Mythology. It is chaos running around, splitting into groups and communicating on what needs to be done where and who is doing it all the while keeping an eye on the day counter because the world gets progressively colder as it reaches Day 14 which is when winter kicks in and freezes players, or at least it has frozen my friends and I to the point where we are stuck in the village unable to intercept the coming giant. We do have the option to extract and save some of the rewards we earned (Golden Horns used to buy cosmetics and runes that enhance our characters and other things to make us stronger for our next run). It’s eerie sitting in our village and seeing how the cold is creeping into our walls, it reminds me of the Eye of the Storm from The Day After Tomorrow (remember that?) It’s brutal!  Players get to choose their class, these are the typical things ranging from Warrior to Ranger etc, but they unlock more classes by doing specific things within the game. The game is a lot of fun and I appreciate the quick game mode option, really  —more survival games need this sort of thing.

That is Tribes of Midgard’s Saga mode in a nutshell, wait till I tell you about the Survival Mode next!