Redfall – A Game that Lacks Bite

This game has more than just teething problems…



If I can sum up how it feels to play Redfall it would be: Imagine going to a restaurant and ordering fried potatoe wedges. You expect them to be crispy and tasty but instead you get under cooked, wet, soggy and cold wedges, there is no salt and the restaurant’s electricity goes off. That’s Redfall in a nutshell, a game with dumb AI, vampires who lack bite and a bland gameplay loop topped with a disjointed feel in tone and gameplay. I tried this game on Gamepass and I can’t even recommend downloading it. Firstly, the AI is terrible in this game. I sniped a dude and watched in horror as his buddy walked over his body, ignoring it entirely and carried on with his idle animation of checking a shelf then returning back to a table (repeat) literally stepping over the fallen comrade’s body. The Vampires are easy once you figure out that you can run around them and they can’t turn fast enough to get you. The skills I found were redundant, on Hard mode my friends and I were two shotting things. I saw a skill that said I do more damage to enemies my bird had marked… so… I’d one shot instead of two shot then? The music in the game sounds out-of-place. It’s a uplifting Hip-Hop beat that overlaps with the attempt of a dire tone with horrors of an island taken over by Vampires who think they are gods. The mission structure is terrible. “Go collect this, return to base to accept next mission, go and collect this, return to base, go kill that, return to base,” it is so uninspired.

 It’s like the game has an identity crisis. What does it what to be?  A looter shooter? A serious, dark narrative game? Or a co-op romp? It achieves none of these things and just isn’t fun at all which is a shame given Arkane’s track record.