To the Defence of Tower Defence games!

It’s fun to sit back and watch your plan come together!


Man, I love Tower Defence games. While I get why some may find them boring, I find the blend between building up defences and engaging with enemies to be an exciting gameplay session. Having an objective to defend from enemies that are making their way down multiple lanes is the standard core gameplay of this genre. I can’t recall what my first Tower Defence game was but I know it was only with Plants vs Zombies that I truly appreciated the genre. Lately I have been playing Dungeon Defenders 2 and while the game does have some glaring issues (like daily and weekly missions not working, which is the main way to earn currency to buy characters) the gameplay has been fun. Swapping to different characters on the fly, each with their own combat style and traps to boot. The art style of the game is very World of Warcraft with its cartoony style, so it isn’t too heavy on my laptop. The game has quite the loot system and I’m still wrapping my head around modding weapons and such. But for me, it’s the core game that pulls me in. Loading into a map and checking all the entry points, searching for the choke points while my friend and I figure out a plan to funnel enemies is where the excitement begins. A lot of it involves standing back and watching my traps do all the work for me but that’s only because I set them up well. My friend and I found a good combo where his spinners do max damage to foes while my ice turret slows them down so that they spend more time being hit by the other turrets. It’s a lot of fun seeing a well-orchestrated plan come together.


Tower Defence games are a no brainer for me. If I want something quick for an in-and-out session, throwing up one of these games is a good option.