Delving into the Diablo IV Beta – Part IV – This is the Last One

This is the last Diablo IV Beta article, I swear it



I know, I’ve been milking the Diablo IV beta for content but not only has the game pretty much ruined other games for me because all I can think about is Diablo IV, I still think we only scratched the surface of what D4 is going to be. I have been watching videos and seeing other people talk about it, some opting to be cautious, others in full hype mode. But here are my to cents on the game. I think it’s fun, man. I enjoyed my time with it. I’m intrigued by the story and the world, the open world dynamic adds a little extra spice to it. The characters were fun, the combat was quick and engaging, the loot and transmogs were a joy to hunt as well. I enjoyed every second of the beta and I’m itching to jump back in. The endgame will be fully shown off when the game comes out and the game handles post launch content will be interesting. I think everyone is entitled to their opinions and are worried about the fact that Diablo 4 will be a ‘live service’ game, but my opinion is we live in the live service era, the game will have seasons and events. There will be a Battlepass, this has been confirmed as well as an in-game shop. So far it has been confirmed that the Pass will have a premium track. While it does irk me that a full priced game will have a paid Battlepass, I just hope we will be able to earn the currency needed to invest into the next pass, as I prefer Battle Passes like that (something a game like New World could learn). Look, whether we like it or not, games cost money to make so it makes sense that Devs will try get as much out of a product as they can. I just hope it will all be fair and cosmetic only in a few months to a year from now. But I am looking forward to D4’s post launch content and trying new seasonal characters and builds, getting a bunch of cool stuff and facing new foes along the way. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if they also followed the ESO approach and added massive expansions once a year. That would be great, new zones and stories and new classes would be exciting, more so than just seasonal Battlepass stuff.

Blizzard didn’t need to reinvent the wheel with Diablo IV, they have a working formula, they may have tweaked it to make it jive better with the game they are making but the core of the game is Diablo. When you buy this game you should know more-or-less of what you’re getting, same with Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry by Ubisoft. It’s like your favourite drink. You know what to expect when you gulp it down, so just take more of it.


I’ll be there, on the 6th of June. I’ll be there drenched in the blood of hell’s demons… I’ll be there… will you?