Delving into the Diablo IV Beta: Part III – The Classes

A quick look at the classes in Diablo IV

Diablo IV can pride itself on having diversity of classes and builds. Players can play the same class in entirely different ways. One of my highlights from the beta was deciding how to build my characters and discussing builds with my friends while seeing them do something different with the same class. I tried out all the classes in the beta and while my heart is set on the Rogue and Druid, I quite enjoyed the other classes as well and seeing as though the beta was just a mere taste of what the full game will have, I’m excited to see how I’d be able to build my characters to end game and beyond.


The Rogue


This was my first character and anyone who knows me knows that I like zooming around and causing damage over time to enemies which is exactly what I did with the Rogue. Using caltrops to freeze enemies followed by planting a poison bomb on them and then finishing them off with quick strikes left the enemies with severe emotional damage. I almost felt sorry for them. The Rogue is fast, agile and compliments a guerilla tactics build. Get in, strike hard and fast then get out. I love that kind of gameplay.

The Sorcerer

This was the second class that I tried out. I ended up being a bit of a glass canon in the sense that if I took a hit, it hit hard but boy did I lay down some extreme fire damage. By using my Hydra I could have a tempory companion blast foes for me while I applied burn damage and froze enemies. It was a fun build, though I had to watch my health and opted to hang back a bit while my friends were front-lining while I just did my fire blasts and ice storm on enemies while also placing my Hydras to do a lot of the heavy lifting for me as well. I went into this class not expecting to enjoy it and I ended up becoming rather fond of it.


The Necromancer


To be honest, I have never actually played a Necromancer class before. It took some getting used to but I eventually found my groove in hanging back and blasting monsters with a ranged basic attack while my minions ran into the fray, I quite enjoyed the corpse explode which made for an explosive engagement with each fight. And hands down, the Necro has some of the best Transmogs!

The Druid


I had a lot of fun with the Druid. I went as what  I call the Odin build, using lightning based abilities as well as a Raven storm. Though I was disappointed that my ravens don’t fly around with me and only swoop in once in a while to deal damage (opposed to how it works in Grim Dawn) I quite enjoyed my storm calling abilities. My friend tried a full on shape-shifter build and that looked like it played completely different than my build, which goes to show how players can build entirely different characters out of one class.


The Barbarian


Though my time with the barbarian was brief, I quite enjoyed how violent this class was. Striking hard and knowing how to take a punch when drawing aggro from everyone. I did find it hard to play solo, due to me relying on having back up to help control mobs and apply max damage while I was luring them in. I quite enjoyed playing the barbarian.


The classes in Diablo were diverse and fun to play with. I can see myself making countless characters and trying new things when the game launches its seasonal content post launch.