Siege Camp’s New Game has been Revealed!

This looks so cool!


Foxhole (developed by Siege Camp) is a gem of a game where players are a cog in a wheel of a great war machine, either by being a foot solider on the front lines or running supplies back the back-lines to those up front. You are not the Call of Duty super soldier hero in that game, you are just a grunt like those beside you. The devs have recently announced a new game called Anvil Empires which seems a lot like Foxhole but transports the formula to a Medieval setting opposed to Foxhole’s World War II setting. Judging from the trailer, players will have to build settlements to supply their empires with resources which is an interesting dynamic. From my knowledge on warfare from the era, small settlements were crucial for the war efforts as they supplied food, horses, arms and fighters for the front lines. If these towns were raided or razed to the ground it could cripple the flow of supplies. In the trailer we see this happening so I suspect while we will have large open scale warfare we will also see a lot of raiding behind enemy lines. Transporting the Foxhole gameplay loop to a Medieval Feudal world has so much potential and this time round there are three factions, not just two. So I’m interesting to see how this places out. It can be safely assumed that combat would be slower than Foxhole, I mean, sword and shield is not as explosive as bombs and guns. It will also be interesting to see how combat is handled as in Foxhole when engaging in hand-to-hand combat -it ends up being a circus as players round each other and try whack one another over the head.

There are so many questions about Anvil Empires but it is good to see the team behind Foxhole branching out. This is one development studio