So I Watched Bullet Train

This was a crazy movie! You should totally watch it


This was one hell of a quirky and stupid movie but I enjoyed every second of it. The premise sounds like the build up to a joke, “A bunch of Assassins (and a deadly snake) with conflicting objectives board a bullet train…” you can imagine how this will play out. With a great cast led by Brad Pitt, the movie made me laugh as well as intrigued me with its complicated plot twists and crazy fight scenes. It was all just ridiculous. From a free roaming Boomslang (which nobody can pronounce properly) to outlandish banter between characters, the movie didn’t take itself too seriously yet somehow still had me sitting at the edge of my seat as it pitted characters I liked against each other, then made them form a temporary alliance, before making them fight again. Though I have to say, although I enjoy Brad Pitt in movies, and his wasabi munching character here was a total goofball, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry’s characters were the show stealer for me. Their characters, Lemon and Tangerine, made me laugh from the moment they appeared on screen.

I can’t decide if this movie was just a spoof of other action movies or not but it had the most ridiculous scenes and dialogue. There was plenty ‘Cheeseburger’ dialogue as well where characters talk about things that are entirely irrelevant to the plot, especially Brad Pitt’s character who is an assassin on a path of hippie style enlightenment—the irony is not lost on me.

There were also some surprising cameos in the movie as well. If you enjoyed the Deadpool movies I’d say give this one a shot. It is currently on Netflix and was a blast to watch. It has that same style as Deadpool (makes sense as it is the same director as Deadpool 2), quirky characters busy kicking ass and forgetting to take names while Japanese covers of disco songs play in the background. It’s one hell of an experience.