Why my friends nad I have been enjoying Fortnite’s Creative Mode (maybe more than Battle Royale?)

There’s more to Fortnite than just a Battle Royale!

Recently I have been enjoying the user made maps and game modes within Fortnite Creative mode. Ranging from Prop Hunts to Gun Games to Zombie modes as well as some unique PVP modes. The best thing of all? I can play these in private matches with my friends and we still earn XP for the battlepass! This is probably why I’m already level 41 a week and a bit into the new season. We have been playing a lot of these modes. Sometimes there are too many of us for a squads match so we hop into these modes which allow more players and get to some in-house PVP.


 I quite enjoy the Gun Game matches which changes out players’ guns after every kill. Some of these user made maps are replicas of classic Call of Duty maps. My friends and I have spent hours bantering as we blow each other up. It’s a lot of fun.


Another type of mode is Prop Hunt! Basically, hide and seek where the hiders can assume the shape of any prop in the map while the hunters have to find us. These games are so much fun, full of laughs and screams as the hiders eventually get caught and try to run away while screaming.


Then there are the Zombie maps which are basically horde modes where players face off against waves of zombies. These are really well done and they go deep. It’s amazing to see what some people can do with the tools provided to them.


Overall, if the battle royale modes are getting a little bland or if you just want some extra XP, then I recommend browsing the discover tab in the Fortnite lobby. You’ll find more than just a Battle Royale game in Fortnite.