A look at the new Fortnite Season

Hands down, best season yet!


Fortnite: Chapter 4- Season 2 is by far the best season yet. The new Mega City zone and the surrounding outskirts is every Cyberpunk and Japanese Culture enthusiasts’ dream. Mega City is vibrant and big, with grind rails for players to jump on and zoom around as well as zip lines to use to get atop rooftops. I’ve already had intense sniper battles on the rooftops, especially with the amazing Cobra DMR that that has made a comeback. The new rifle and shotgun is a lot of fun to use, they hit hard and feel great. Then comes the Kinetic Blade, replacing the hammer from last season, this katana helps with mobility and quick strikes. It’s tricky to use at first but once you get the hang of it, it is a ton of fun.I’m honestly not fully convinced on the new sports bike as it feels sluggish to use and the drift feature is a little wonky in my opinion, however the new sports cars are fun. The Battlepass is pretty cool with some Japanese themed characters. All-in-all this season is wild and I love it. The new locations are fun to explore, the weapons are fun to use, the vehicles are fun to drive, though the bike is a little stressful. The Battlepass has some cool characters and on top of all this, Loot Lake from the first Chapter has made a comeback in the form of a floating island that has a chance to rift in mid-match. I suspect there may be more locations as the season goes on. The crossover this season is a character from Attack on Titan, and while I know nothing about this series, I know it has a huge following so fans have that to look forward to.

Fortnite has delivered their best season yet and I am left craving diving in again and again.