Running Around in Generation Zero

A quick look at Generation Zero

Generation Zero takes place in an alternate timeline in the 1980’s where Sweden has adopted a policy to basically train everyone with military training in case of a ‘worst case’ scenario. Players assume the role of a group of teens who return to the small island off the coast of Sweden only to find everyone is missing and there is an army of weird and wonderful robots in various sizes that are roaming around eager to kill anything that moves. Fun times…


The game then allows players to basically go wherever they want as they scrounge around for weapons, ammo and resources while engaging in a guerrilla warfare with the robots. I really like this aspect of the game, especially with my friends.


 Guerrilla Warfare


So about that guerrilla warfare, players cannot face the hordes of robots in one sweep so you have to resort to running around the map (or riding your bicycle) and engaging in hit and run tactics with small groups of robots then getting out of there as quickly as possible. The robots also have supplies that can help you stay on your feet, so hunting them does count in your favour. It has been a while since a game has captured an authentic Guerrilla Warfare feel for me. Eventually some robots start levelling up and become regional bosses, so performing well in the game does make things more dangerous.



Gun Play


The gun play is feels solid and the guns sound amazing. You can also equip different attachments to guns or use different ammo types. I’m really enjoying how shooting feels in this game and how fast-paced it is.


Bring Friends


Generation Zero is best played with friends in the form of four player co-op. The drop in/drop out co-op allows players to just play whatever they want when they want and how they want. It also helps to have back up when attacking some of the bigger robots.


This game feels like a mix between Stranger Things and Terminator, so if any of those things resonate with you then you should try it out!