Taking a look at the Wrothgar DLC for ESO

More ESO content, yay!


The Elder Scrolls Online keeps sucking me back in. It’s the lore, the world, characters and gameplay. The well written quests, characters and stories with each zone being its own standalone thing. One such zone is Wrothgar, the homeland to the Orcs. I went into this zone expecting a cold, brutal and savage storyline and I got all of those things but with some additional surprises along the way. Wrothgar is a big zone and while the Northern part is cold and miserable which is exemplified by the main city, Orsinium, which is ruined and in the process of being rebuilt —the Southern region is lush and beautiful. The surprise to me was the story, I really wasn’t expecting so much political intrigue, back-stabbing, zealot cults and conspiracy within the Orcish court. I completely underestimated how in depth and complex the Orc culture is in The Elder Scrolls. The story of this DLC (which I got in the Gold Edition way back when) really blew me away and by the time I reached the end and looked on at the group of friends I had made, the enemies turned into unlikely allies and the companions I had grown attached to as well as those who I had lost, I got a little tear jerk. The story and characters were so well crafted and it reminded me of what makes fantasy stories and adventures so great. While the story did take a few quests to get into the flow of things, as soon as it hit that main beat it took off and has turned into one of my favourite quest lines in the game so far. ESO will always be praised for its narrative which keeps you pushing forward to find out what happens next.

There is so much content in this game that I am only getting round to a DLC that came out eight years ago. That’s nearly a decade!