Trying to Survive the Horde in Zombie Army 4

Fighting off Zombies is even cooler when they were vile before death!

Ah, Zombies never get old. There’s something about shooting their heads off or ripping their rotten flesh apart that just brings a smile to my face. But you know what’s worse than Zombies? Nazi Zombies!

These guys were assholes even before they became zombies, so killing them is more fun. The Zombie Army games, which are a spin off from the Sniper Elite games, really went to town on the alternate history where Hitler unleashed an endless horde of undead Nazis upon the world. These zombies are straight from a George Romero movie. They shamble about and some even aimlessly wave hammers of shovels at you. Others carry guns and randomly shoot. They fall off of buildings and down stairs like the classic zombie stereotype. There are specials, like the Flamer Zombie who has a flamethrower or the heavy gunner guy or even the Generals who bring their fallen brothers back to life. The game has some variety with zombie types and despite them mostly being slow, they tend to overwhelm players quite quickly, especially when the pesky sniper zombies start jumping around on the rooftops and take potshots at you.


The game doesn’t take itself seriously, which is probably for the best. Between the funky 80’s synth and the arcade menu sounds it is just a fun goofy game. Actually, it comes off as an 80’s B movie set in a WWII setting.

So it is a horde game, and it does have the usual tropes of those kinds of games. It does get a tad repetitive and I tend to play it in small doses. But the whole aesthetic of the game is pretty cool and it’s fun to play with friends, but this is by no means something to take too seriously. I’ve been playing it on a Friday night when my friends and I just want to unwind and shoot some Nazi Zombies in the face while laughing at the series’ iconic bullet cam as we shoot eyes (and other things) out of the Zombies’ bodies!