Knocking some skulls and bumping heads in Chivalry 2’s Brawl Mode

Let’s drink some ale and knock some skulls eh? Throw on some metal and make a mosh pit

Chivalry is known for it’s brutal and chaotic sword fighting where limbs go flying and blood flows. It’s ridiculous and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The game might not be everyone’s cup of tea but for quick and chaotic as well as funny battles, I dabble every now and then. The brawl mode was introduced which is a limited time mode where players battle it out without weapons and instead they have to use their fists or whatever they can find at their disposal. This game mode is hilarious. I tried to hide in a confession booth but upon opening the door I found another player who already had the same idea who promptly closed the door on me. So I grabbed a chair, opened the door and threw it at him, killing him. Another time I saw players beating each other up so I grabbed big wine bottles from a nearby rack and lugged it at them, third partying them and netting a fair amount of kills before one noticed me and gunned for me with a candle stick. The mode is pure chaos and I’m sad that it is just a limited time mode. I’ve been playing this more than the actual sword fighting. I’ve been taken out in the most outrageous ways, like having a beehive thrown at me and being stung to death, yes very accurate indeed, the dark ages days were brutal.


Though still frustrating to some to be ganged up on by other players, being a free-for-all you are bound to take a knuckle sandwich, chair or chicken to the face around every corner, the game isn’t supposed to be taken seriously and instead just be the silly fun that it is and this mode really amplifies that. I hope they keep it in eventually.   

Seriously, take it from the guy who threw on some metal and used this game mode as deadly mosh pit.