Taking a look at the new Fortnite Event

There are some interesting things happening in the world of Fortnite right now!

Fortnite has surprised players with a new event called Most Wanted where some locations are swarmed with hostile NPCs who are protecting vaults full of loot alongside their bosses. This event also comes with a mini-battlepass sort of thing where players have to do very specific objectives in order to unlock some cool things ranging from a backpack, glider and a skin—yes, all acquirable for free! The missions have been fun and I’ve spent the whole week grinding them with a friend. We’ve gotten into some hectic fire fights as the NPCs, rival players and the two of us (and which ever friendly NPC we have hired) all battle over a location to get our hands on the vault key card for that sweet loot. There is also a heat level which increases our movement speed, gold intake and a passive health regen. I’ve never had such volatile skirmishes in this game. And I swear they upped the friendly NPCs because they seem to fend for themselves more efficiently now and even defended me by drawing aggro on more than a few occasions. The game is now pure chaos and this feels like a mini call-back to Chapter 2-Season 2 from back in the day where the theme was all about heists and vaults, it was also the one that introduced NPCs to the game. I can’t help but wonder if this is a prologue to the next season because this event came out of left field and has spiced up the season quite a bit. Whether it is a prologue or it’s own thing, we will only know when the new season drops next month. For now, players are dodging bullets from every direction while they push for a high risk/high reward sort of playstyle. One thing is certain, though, it is a ton of fun!