Evil Dead The Game: Part III- Playing the Demon

Playing as the Demon is the best thing in Evil Dead: The Game

The Demon in Evil Dead The Game is a ton of fun. Instead of running around as a killer, you are floating around as the demon in the same style that it did in the movies. Due to saving the budget, the demon was depicted by the camera rushing towards the actors in the film which ended up becoming an iconic trait of The Evil Dead.

This is perfectly captured when playing as a Demon and I can’t help but smile when I’m chasing players as they drive away in a car, it is just like the movie. But while you can move around fairly quickly, you can plant traps and rig crates and haunted trees to scare the humans. As you pick up infernal energy you will use as a currency to plant traps and eventually plant unit spawns of which you can level up further to become tougher. You can even assume control of these units and use their abilities. If a survivor gets too scared, you can possess them momentarily, wasting their ammo or whacking their friends around a bit. Though players can be sneaky and divide your attention, allowing pairs some reprieve, though a lone wanderer is normally easy to take out.

Evil Dead the game

This is my favourite game-mode in the game. I just love trolling people and using the Boss Character to take them out. Each Boss has their own skills that can be upgraded using XP earned from the match.  


Playing as the Demon is basically the same as being a Dungeon Master, and it is easier to wear the survivors down than to just take them out off the bat as you grow stronger with time.   

The more traps you set up, the quicker you level up which means more perks in the match.


It’s more tactical than other games where you just run around after people.


If you haven’t given this game a go yet, I can highly recommend it!