Top Ten Games to Play with a Significant other This Valentines Day

Here are some types of games you can play with a partner this Valentines Day

What better way is there to say ‘I love you’ than slaying zombies together? Or to go on grand adventures or just explore a fantasy world together or beat bad guys up together? Gaming, as far as I’m concerned, has always been a social affair. Whether it is via couch co-op or playing online, gaming brings people together. And a happy couple is a couple who play games together. So here are some games that I think would be a blast to play this Valentines Day (afterall, no amount of chocolates can make up for time spent together)



Side Scrolling Beat em Ups


Side scrolling beat em ups were designed for more than one player at a time and they make for a good gaming session. So why not boot it up and deliver a knuckle sandwich to your foes, together! Streets of Rage 4, the new TMNT games, there are many options to choose from.



Fighting Games


These games are good for blowing off steam and a good argument settler. Especially fun when raising the stakes like the loser does the dishes, for example. It’s just fun to button mash one’s way to victory. Mortal Kombat or Multiversus, Street Fighter or Tekken, there are a lot to choose from.





There’s nothing quite like doing a dungeon with your spouse, chasing that high end loot. I think MMOs have been responsible for hooking people up in the past. And it is an extremely social genre and it will cost less than a fancy restaurant as well!



Puzzle Games


Human Fall Flat, Overcooked, these kinds of games are stressful and fun for pairs to run around frantically in an attempt to win. If a chaotic night of gaming is more your style then look no further than these games.



RTS Games


Age of Empires, Worms and Northgard, Civ 6, these franchises are famous for a reason and make for good fun when plotting and scheming with a partner.



Horror Games


What builds relationship bonds better than being scared together?

These games are a good test how committed your partner is to the “in sickness and in health” aspect. Will he or she flee and leave you behind when a scary thing jumps out of the dark and grabs you? A little indie game called Devour comes to mind, check it out on Steam!



The Lego Games


Exploration, puzzle building and goofing around. The Lego games are basically their own genre at this point. So if a chilled night of gaming is more your thing, check out the huge catalogue of Lego games.



Farming Games


People like building in games and they like building together. Stardew Valley is one game that comes to mind where players can build and manage their little farm together. It’s wholesome and sweet.



Survival Games


You know what people like doing besides building together? Surviving together! These games are way more fun with people and they make for some good gaming sessions as well!



Build a Family in Fable III


So I’ve listed types of games up till now but there is one game that will always take the cake in a list like this and it will be Fable III where players can actually marry and have kids, own a house together, adventure together… it is basically roleplaying being married in a fantasy world and Albion makes for a good fantasy world backdrop while you live your virtual married life together.


But in truth, the most important thing about Valentines day is just spending time with your partner. And gaming with someone is a very social and interactive way of spending time with a people. So if you are for a night tucked in, light some candles, turn on the console, cuddle up and enjoy your chosen person’s company.


Happy Valentines Day!