Evil Dead The Game Part II: Playing as the Survivors

Playing as Survivors is a very different experience in Evil Dead The Game compared to other titles in this genre.

The Survivors are not like other games in this genre. Unlike Dead By Daylight or Friday the 13th, the heroes can actually fight back. Why sulk around and hide when you have Ash who has a chainsaw hand or Kelly who blasts everything she sees. The game is action focused and the gore is bloody beautiful. I was shocked when I sliced a Deadite open to see his guts dangling from his stomach or his face flayed from his skull while his eyes looked as it they were about to pop out. Game is brutal, man! But the Demon can lay down traps that raise fear levels, causing players to become possessed for a brief moment. The heroes start off with nothing and find weapons and Pink F which levels them up. They have to find the pieces of the map to locate the dagger and pages of the Necronomicon and then go kill the Old Ones and then protect the book one last time. It’s a lot to do and you need a team who knows what they have to do as well.

The game focusing more on action is a huge boon for the game but that doesn’t mean it is without its scares. Crates can be booby trapped, the demon can grab you, causing a jump scare (which makes me jump every time) things can get pretty crazy when doing an objective and hordes of enemies just keep on coming.


It’s a lot of fun playing as the Survivors. It’s bloody and gory, while the more XP you gain, the more skills you can enhance and it has a good sense of progression.

It has a unique experience compared to other games in this genre.