A Look at the Evil Dead Game (Part I)

A quick look at the single player offerings in Evil Dead: The Game

The Evil Dead: The Game has quite a lot going for it so I decided to dedicate each section to its own article so I can fully flesh each part out. Though the asymmetrical multiplayer game mode is the main bloody dish in this game, there are other options. This article will focus on the single player missions aspect of the game.




The Mission system is a nice touch and allows players to earn other characters and skins, but it’s clear that this is not the main aspect of the game. The missions are structured and set, and offer zero re-playability other than just wanting to see the same scene again. These missions are also extremely hard and may seem damn near impossible at first but once you figure out that there is a quick way to deal with an enemy, it becomes manageable… not easy, just manageable. Like for example, an abundance of ammo at a location and then a small collection of melee weapons at another, the game is clearly trying to spell things out to you.


I haven’t finished all the missions due to jumping into the other aspects of the game. But for those who don’t want to play with others, there is another option…


Playing with Bots


You could play a Survivor with a team of pretty decent bots (in my experience) against a Demon AI (which sucks at his job). But for some or other reason, you earn no XP in this mode so it is pointless other than a sort of practice mode, but the lack of progression offers very little incentive to play this mode.

Evil Dead the game

The single player offerings in The Evil Dead: The Game are lacklustre, but we all knew that this wasn’t the focus of the game. In-fact, they delayed the game just to add this stuff in.

The game shines in online play and while these other additions are a nice touch, you won’t be sticking around in them for too long.