Big Things are Coming for Xbox

A look at a few new games on the horizon for Xbox!


The year is still young and we already have some gossip about Xbox’s new few big releases. From Forza to Minecraft and everything else in-between, Xbox has come out swinging. At a recent Dev stream, they showed off some of their offerings for the first half of the year and it is looking like a blast.


Minecraft: Legends


A cross between Minecraft, Happy Wars (remember that game!) and Overlord, I am guilty of brushing this game off initially but after seeing the gameplay I’m keen to just try it out with some friends. It seems to favour tactical play while retaining the charm of Minecraft, and while I quickly got over Minecraft Dungeons, their ARPG style game though of no fault of the game, it was just that I liked Diablo and games of a more mature nature and with a bit more complexity in the genre. I felt it was a perfect introduction for younger gamers who may be too young for the guts and gore of say, Diablo. It is ideal for parents who want to introduce their kids to the ARPG genre. So yes, while not for me, it was a solid game nonetheless. Minecraft Legends may end up the same though I am looking forward to trying it out and who knows? Maybe I’d be able to play it with my niece one day. I welcome more family-friendly games on the Xbox Eco-system!


The New Forza Motorsport


While I prefer the open world Horizon series, Forza Motorsport is where it started and fans of the track racing have reason to be excited with the game utilising the power of the Xbox Series X. It’s a gorgeous game and South African fans have extra reason to be excited because for the first time ever a track based in the country will be featured in the game. Welcome to the Kyalami Race Track!



Now that is how you release a game! From the same team behind The Evil Within came a polar opposite game in the form of HI-FI-Rush, an anime looking, colourful rhythm combat game. And best of all, it released right after the show. Talk about blind-siding us!



I’ll be honest, when I first saw this game I wasn’t all that hooked, so when the deep dive trailer booted up for it a friend and I went into it with cautious curiosity. But as the trailer played on we gradually started warming up to the game as our comments went from “Oh this game…” to “Oh snap that looks so cool!” The game wears its influences on its sleeve and it isn’t a bad thing. You can see the Left 4 Dead style co-op in it, the Far Cry styled open world, the tight Deathloop gunplay (makes sense cause it is the same team behind the game) as well as some trippy set pieces that reminded me a bit of Bioshock. This game looks like a lot of fun and I’m now ready for it to sink its teeth into me come May.

The Elder Scrolls Online


Called it! Hermaeus Mora is back! And players are going back to Morrowind (again). To add onto the excitement they are finally adding a new class called the Arcanist! This year’s expansion is set to tickle the fancy of the Lovecraft fans of ESO as well since it has those Cosmic Horror style vibes to it! It’s going to be an exciting year indeed.

Well that’s that on the event! Are you excited for any of these?