What Did I Just Watch? Brand New Cherry Flavor

Feeling brave? Watch Brand New Cherry Flavor!

Ah, Netflix. When I’m bored I aimlessly browse your content looking for something to kill time with. The biggest part of the battle is actually deciding on what I want to watch. I swear I kill the most time flipping through movie and series posters to see what catches my eye…

I stumbled across something called Brand New Cherry Flavor. The cover looked gory, it had lead actress Rosa Salazar (Maze Runner trilogy, Alita: Battle Angel) with an eye ball between her teeth. So I decided to watch the first episode of this ‘limited series’ (isn’t this just a new way of saying mini-series?)

The story is about a young talented writer and director called Lisa who goes to Hollywood in the early 90’s in her quest to get her movie adapted for big screen. Sadly, the washed out producer she signs a contract with ends up doing her over and she loses directing rights to her movie. Pretty straight forward, right? Until she enlisted the skills of a witch who has her own agenda for both Lisa and the producer, Lou (Eric Lange).

What unfolds is the strangest and one of the most messed up things my eyes have seen. I must have blurted out “what the f*ck” a dozen times during the second episode. Even more so during the third one and don’t even get me started on the fourth episode.

This series is wild and if you are squeamish then you might feel sick.

I really hope this series gets a season two seeing as though it does leave a lot of questions open and builds up a follow up. But it does have that limited series banner on it so I hope a miracle happens because I need to see more. I finished this series over the course of two nights. It came to the point where I just needed to see what messed up thing will happen next.

You can watch it on Netflix now.