Is Gamepass a Lifeline for Bad Games?

Can Gamepass save not so great games? It seems that way…

The Avengers game, you know the one that kinda sucked, is on Gamepass. The game met poor reviews for repetitive gameplay, a terrible loot system that seemed more like a free-to-play mobile game’s loot system as well as being a little bland overall. It’s had a dozen updates adding new characters and storylines but from what I’ve heard, the game still has a very small player base who mostly come to try the new content then leave. I played the demo and while I found the story quite well done, I felt that the game had little to no staying power.

People wouldn’t buy it so why not try it on gamepass? I’d probably play it here instead of paying full price. I enjoyed the combat during the beta and the story. But I’ve been thinking, is Gamepass acting as a lifeline for games that were met with a bad reception? Take Fallout 76 for example. Although I love this game, it came to gamepass a very long time ago and that game is always full of players despite how badly it was thrashed around. Gamepass really gave that game a chance to get an abundance of new players who were on the fence about it and not willing to buy it. Players are finding that they enjoy it and are sticking to it.

Fallout 76 used this newfound player base to help shape the game into what it is today which isn’t a bad open world online game.

Could this happen for Avengers? I’m not sure. Super Hero fatigue is a thing though we don’t have many good superhero games so maybe there is a chance. But hey, it isn’t Marvel Heroes: Omega. That game was so much fun yet short lived. We’ll see how well Avengers fairs on Gamepass. Sometimes a game just can’t be saved.