The Horrors of Foxhole

War… war is constant in Foxhole

Foxhole is a unique little game. Unlike other war games that focus on matches where winning or losing has no real consequence other than more XP and bragging rights, Foxhole’s persistent war system changes the stakes drastically. You aren’t just fighting to win the battle, you’re fighting to win the war.  


Every battle matters and every battle feels different. The game has a mix of a WWI and WWII setting and it has a logistical system that fuels the war effort. If your bunker is running low on shirts (a resource used to respawn) then you need to let the logi guys know and they will bring more shirts for you. There is a whole different meta game happening on the back lines where players are handling resources for the war effort. It’s an depth system that I haven’t even had the chance to explore fully because I’m quite addicted to the front lines gameplay.


War is hell, there is no doubt about that. I have seen horrors you people wouldn’t believe. I’ve seen tiny soldiers being ripped apart by heavy machine guns. Gas bombs filling trenches and tanks riding over people. I have held a western front by mowing down any enemy player I saw till the point the bodies littered the snow. I have cowered in a trench while artillery shells hammer the world around me.

I have also laughed at some of the stuff people say in the game’s chat which really adds to the fun. By holding down the ‘T’ button, players can talk to their brothers and sisters in arms and I’ve come to recognise names. It’s really cool when you load in and someone yells your name and says they served with you in a battle a few days ago.


I’ve had a lot of fun with Foxhole and I’m looking forward to what else is added to the game in the future. For now, I’m on the front lines, fighting for my life. Oh the horror… the horror…