A Gamer’s Guilty Pleasures: Rainy Days

It’s raining outside but that’s no issue when you are a gamer!

You know what’s the best thing to do on a rainy day? Play video games! Or watch videos about video games or just think of playing video games. When you can’t go outside and when the air gets a little chilly, the best thing for a gamer to do is hibernate by their console or PC. That’s what I’ve been doing these past few days. I’ve been grinding levels in Fortnite, playing GTA Online and showing my little niece what Lego Star Wars is, while also watching videos about the next few games on my list. While the world outside is wet and gloomy, I’ve been running around vibrant worlds where I have been getting shot at, robbing banks (or trying to at least) and being a plastic square blocked Jedi, really, who needs a holiday?


It’s days like these that I appreciate being a gamer. Sitting in my little office behind my laptop or by the Xbox while it pours outside is a nice pass time. Come to think of it, life would be incredibly boring for me if it wasn’t for video games. I live quite isolated, you see. On a farm in the middle of two towns which one can consider ‘no and where.’ The valley that I live in gets extremely cold and since all the rain it has gotten worse with a cool air cutting through the valley like a knife. Yet, I’ve been keeping myself warm, hunched over my laptop or by the Xbox. The games that I’ve been playing are a stark contrast to my reality and it just proves that video games are one of, if not the most, popular forms of escapism.


So while life has been cold and boring lately, at least I’ve been keeping myself sane with the virtual worlds I’ve been holidaying in.


Cold and rainy days really are a gamer’s guilty pleasure.

Though it would be nice if the sun came out again…